Brittle with split ends

Splitting Up Can Be Stressful

It’s time to make up with your hair. The best relationships bring out the best in you. We’re ready to commit whenever you are.

Karité Special

Our advanced Karité formula with Shea Butter relieves dryness and restores hair's healthy balance

NAAT Cream Garlic & Cupuaçu

NAAT Cream Garlic & Cupuacu is ideal for brittle hair.

NAAT Minerals Argan Oil

NuNAAT explores the planet's natural resources to bring you the very best ingredients that will

Pro Keratin Volume Reducer

Our professional Pro Keratin Volume Reducer smoothing system was designed as a healthier option for hyper-fragile, chemically-processed, thin or delicate hair types.

Ultra Keratin Touch

The Ultra Keratin Touch is not a relaxer, but a Brazilian Smoothing System that will give your hair a lustrous glow and a silky feel. Perfect for those transitioning from either sleek or curly to...

NAAT Creams

New look & new formula for an old favorite. These NAAT Creams are balanced to treat various hair types, and best of all, you can combine different products to create your very own customized formula.

NAAT Garlic Magic

Our new NAAT Garlic Magic formula cleanses the scalp of impurities to promote stronger, faster-growing hair.

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care

Your hair journey may not have been the easiest, but with the right help, you can very simply