Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Keratin?

A: Keratin is a protein that helps in the process of forming body structure. It naturally occurs in skin and nails, and it is an essential component of hair fiber. However, external factors such as hair dyes, frequent use of blow dryers and flat irons, air pollution, chlorine, and sun cause hair strands to lose their nutrients. This results in hair that is brittle, dry, stiff, porous and lifeless. Keratin restores and penetrates hair fibers to seal cracks and hair cuticle.

Q: I live outside of the U.S. Where can I buy your products?

A: If you live outside of the U.S. and cannot find our products where you are, please contact us at and let us know where you would like to see nuNAAT.

Q: In what order should I use the products? (regarding any collection when used together)

A: Always start with the shampoo, repeat application if necessary, rinse well and apply the conditioner or mask as directed. Style as usual, with the finishing product(s) of your choice.

Q: Why does the shine serum make my hair oily?

A: Always apply a small amount (pea size) of serum to your hair. It is best to avoid over-saturating hair with finishing or styling products, particularly if you have oily hair. A little bit goes a long way!

Q: What can I use to detangle my hair?

A: nuNAAT® offers a wide range of detangling products, starting with the conditioner and followed by the NAAT creams. For those with thick, coarse hair we also suggest using our Leave-In De-tangler (combing cream) from the Karité Special collection. This product works wonders on hair that is difficult to detangle.

Q: Will the Ultra Keratin Touch kit do damage to my color-processed hair?

A: It may alter your hair color. Always follow the instructions that come inside the kit.

Q: Can I apply the UKT kit more often than every 30 days?

A: You should wait 30 days until the next application. The more you use Ultra Keratin Touch , the softer and more manageable your hair will be.

Q: Why do I have to leave the hair mask on for such a long time?

A: Our hair masks, which come with each hair care collection, are formulated not only to hydrate, but also to repair hair fibers. The longer they can act on freshly washed hair (up to 20 minutes) the better the results.  It will depend on each individual hair need, and should be applied weekly, or every other week, as necessary.

Q: I am looking for a deep conditioning treatment with proteins. What do you recommend I use?

A:  Several of our hair care collections are made with keratin, which is a protein.  Choose the collection most suitable for your hair.

Q: I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural. Which products are right for me?

A: We recommend the Naat Treatment Curly Hair (formulated with Cupuaçu and Keratin) and the Karité Special (Shea Butter) collections. Once hair goes back to natural, if a temporary smoother look is desired, we recommend using our Ultra Keratin Touch 30-Day Brazilian Smoothing System.

Q: What is the difference between the moisturizing and fortifying options in the NAAT Silicon line?

A: Both options leave hair deeply hydrated, smooth and shiny, and minimizes spilt ends. The key difference is in the ingredients. The Fortifying option is formulated with silicon, silk & pearl protein and keratin, providing hair with a protective coat that makes it stronger. The Moisturizing option is formulated with silicon, keratin and ceramides and focuses on hydration.

Q: I have a beauty blog. Can I review your products?

A: We really appreciate and respect our bloggers/vloggers. If you dedicate your time to beauty care reviews and would like to review one of our collections, please contact us at

Q:  Do you offer any discounts on your products?

A:  Yes, we do!  From time to time we offer special discounts though our retailers such as Walgreens and Sally. You would need to check our Facebook page and/or website for constant updates.

Q:  How can I stay updated on your products?

A:  We encourage you to sign up to receive our e-Newsletter, and/or frequently check out our Facebook page and Twitter.

Q:  Are your products available in multiple sizes? I am looking for bigger sizes.

A:   Yes, some of our products are available in bigger sizes. Please check the professional size collections section of our website for details. This section will be available shortly.

Q:  I am a mommy so have little time to spend on myself. What do you recommend so my hair can still look great, but with little effort?

A:  Choose the right hair care collection for your needs and be consistent. Maintain a hair care routine, apply hair masks and mineral oils when necessary, and avoid over-processing your hair.

Q: Is it safe to use Ultra Keratin Touch during pregnancy? 

A: Ultra Keratin Touch is not recommended for pregnant women. If you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant we do recommend that you please consult your doctor before using Ultra Keratin Touch 30-Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System.