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Tame your hair and keep it straight!

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Daily Care Collection

Our special Green Keratin formula is designed to maintain the effects of our Ultra Keratin Touch and can do the same for hair that's
been professionally straightened or relaxed. Great for shine and manageability of all hair types and the ideal way to maintain your straightened look!

Serum Ultra Shine

Our special silicone formula creates a film that protects hair against environmental (wind, sun, sand, etc.) damage, keeping it moisturized and providing extra conditioning, more shine and increased flexibility.


Intensive Hair Mask

Is applied after hair has been shampooed and rinsed, in place of normal conditioner. This product is intended to intensely hydrate and repair hair fibers.


Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor

A non-rinse formula. Once a desired amount it is applied to hair, leave in for a few minutes before blow drying as usual. A flat iron seals hair cuticles, causing the keratin to effectively penetrate hair fibers.

Deep Moisturizing Shampoo

Formulated with mild surfactants, Green Keratin, and amino acids, which provide deep cleansing without being abrasive. Sodium chloride free.

Deep Moisturizing Conditioner

Contains high-capacity conditioning ingredients so hair is easily untangled. Our exclusive formula contains Green Keratin and amino acids, which work to reduce frizz and tame unruly hair.


• Works with all hair types
• Repairs Cuticle Damage
• Regenerates and strengthens hair fibers
• Restores natural shine and softness
• Seals hair cuticles

• Reduces volume and frizz
• Makes hair resilient and healthy
• Sodium Chloride Free
• Formaldehyde Free


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