Review of nuNAAT Karite Special Intensive Mask: A Deep Conditioner Worth Using
In's (The Curl Experts) First Ever 2013 Editor's Choice Awards, nuNAAT was awarded Editor's Favorite Picks for Smoothing/Straightening Products in two categories
"… especially since I admittedly feel like a frizzy-haired ragamuffin the majority of the time. This great hair day was made possible by the nuNAAT [Karite Special] products I’ve been using of late – totally addicted to their leave-in detangler,
"My hair had been lacking luster for a while & I definitely needed a change in hair products as I just wasn't seeing the results I wanted from other hair care products.
"Since I have frizzy hair I was very excited to try out the nuNAAT Karite which is shea butter based..."
I choose [the Karite Special] line because of all the heat damage I put my hair through, you named it flat irons not my my friends. You would think that 5 products is a lot to use at once, but each individual product has a job.
"...I chose the Karite Special collection based on my hair needs. After reading the info on their website it seemed that this collection addresses my need for protein and moisture balance.
nuNAAT Karite Special With Shea Butter Hair Care Products Saved My Straw-Like Curls
Vlogger pennythediva shares her first impression of Karite Special, used to help repair her dry, damaged hair.
"Personally my hair has been on the dry side lately, the hard water where I live sometimes does a number on my hair and scalp and I have been on a mission to nourish my hair back to healthy.