...For my hair type, it worked perfectly when I used the entire system [of NAAT Silicon products]....
Vlogger GlammingAintEasy shares her natural hair journey and the benefits she has found using nuNAAT NAAT Silicon products.
"Leave-in conditioner which is just amazing, my hair is very fine and breaks easily, this helps and protects your hair from breaking.
"As many of you know, I have very long hair. I have tried every product under the sun to get an keep my hair looking smooth and soft. My hair tends to get really dry at the ends, and then it gets frizzy and looks terrible.
"nuNAAT Silicon Healthy Restoration Collection naturally strengthens hair with silk and pearl proteins to help restore shine and defy the effects of aging. Keratin makes hair stronger, increases nutrition, flexibility, and shine. It’s suggested for people with thick, dry, dull hair with split ends that need a boost in shine and manageability.
I received the entire Silicon Healthy Restoration line which is for dry, damaged hair....Each one has this wonderful, fresh scent, almost like a rich, nutty scent....
"...I’m a bit of a packaging snob and although I didn’t know the price of the products until writing this review, the packaging didn’t float my boat. HOWEVER, this review was a reminder to me that I should not judge a book {or a haircare line} by its cover.
"The quest for smooth, straight, frizz-free hair leads many women to using products that aren’t necessarily healthy for their hair and their bodies."