“My hair feels very light and not weighed down at all.” – abigbitofeverything.com

“I researched the website and jumped at the opportunity when I saw they had the Keratin treatment. I’ve been wanting to try it for some time now.”

“It took me about 2 and a half hours to complete the whole process…I have very long and curly hair and the process in itself is tedious.”


“…A little about my hair: It was previously colored about 3 weeks ago and it’s naturally curly normal to dry. I try to deep condition it often, as my hair can look very dry at times. To get my straight look, I just wash, blow dry my hair while running my fingers through it, then I use my Maxi Glide flat iron….I do use Argan Oil to smooth fly aways after I am done with the flat iron….”

“My hair looks shinier, healthier and not dry at all. It feels very light and not weighed down at all. I am very impressed with the results. Yes, it did take a while to apply, but the good thing is, I don’t have to do the process again for another 30 days.”

“The day after I put the Keratin treatment in my hair, and went to work, it rained. Not fun at all, especially when the directions state not to get your hair wet for 48 hours. But, by the time I left work it had stopped raining. But I was able to test the humidity on my hair. Living in Florida can sometimes be a downer for my hair. Had I not had the treatment in my hair, my hair would have been a big Saved by The Bell Jessie look. ( I just aged myself, I know). Thankfully, with the treatment in my hair, It stayed doable. Yes it had some frizz. You can’t eliminate 100% of frizz, but I would say it eliminated about 95%. I will take that over no percent at all.”