“My hair volume was reduced by 70%, frizz by 80% and my hair is now shiny, soft and manageable.” – autumnbluesreviews.com

“It has been a very long time that I have been struggling with the idea of having a keratin treatment done on my curly hair. But I have held back from actually having it done for a couple different reasons. First reason being how expensive they are and second reason being the damaging and unhealthy chemicals used in the process. Although the keratin treatments in the salon have improved over the years, the prices have not and I refuse to spend $150-$300 every4-6 months, it’s just robbery. I believe the hair salons are taking advantage of what the media puts out, that straight shiny hair is the only beautiful hair to have. This is not one of my desires when it comes to a keratin treatment. I just want manageable hair or curls that are less frizzy and hair with less volume, so I can grow out  my hair without having it be a puff-ball. My hair has not always been this curly and I have managed longer tresses but not without having to get my hair layered and thinned out monthly at a salon for a year.”

“When I came across the nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch treatment I was highly skeptical….I had all kinds of questions. Is it only for ethnic hair? Can it be used on all hair types? Is my hair to curly? Will it damage my hair? Will it take out my curl permanently? How long does this take? Will I be able to do this myself? ’WILL THIS STUFF WORK?’”


“I absolutely love the way my hair turned out. The fact is after blow drying my hair its volume was reduced by 70%, frizz by 80% and my hair is now shiny, soft and manageable. I was so shocked at the results that I kept telling my husband how much I liked it for like two days straight. My husband has limp straight hair and grew up with 3 sisters with the same, so he loves my curls. But he told me he really liked it and it turned out great. I am totally hooked on this treatment and nuNAAT tells me the more I use it the healthier and more manageable my hair will become.”