“This treatment is for all hair types, not just people with curly or coarse hair!” – kizzy-online.com

“Brazilian Keratin treatments have been really popular lately. I’ve always wanted to try a Keratin treatment, but I’ve never done it, until now, because it scared me a bit. My hair is natural (has never been chemically-processed), extremely curly and applying something that will change its texture sounded scary to me…

You can imagine that when I was offered an in-home Keratin treatment for review purposes, I didn’t immediately say yes. Also, when I looked it up, I saw that it requires a lot of steps. But as curious as I am, I decided to give it a try. Especially after finding out that it’s not permanent, nor does it chemically straighten my hair. You can find my thoughts on this product below. Note, this treatment is for all hair types, not just people with curly or coarse hair!”


What are my thoughts?
“I love the results I got! My hair is easier to manage, soft and smooth (even before flat-ironing). The treatment didn’t straighten my hair (it’s not marketed for that), so I can still rock my curls whenever I want to or I can quickly flat-iron my hair quickly on lower heat settings.

The application is a lot of work though. You’ll have to wash your hair, dry it with a hair dryer, apply the smoothing gloss, wait, comb, blow-dry your hair again, apply your flat iron a few times, wash your hair again, apply conditioner and finally rinse and style as usual (which for me is blow-drying and flat-ironing it again). See what I mean?

Speaking of the gloss: the smoothing gloss does get very sticky, which makes it harder to comb your hair. Also, I ended up having just enough to finish my hair (granted, I have a lot of hair!). You also have to have someone else apply it for you, since it requires some precision: you have to keep it away from the scalp. Luckily you’ll only have to apply the treatment once and it lasts 30 days.

Overall, I love the texture of my hair now, it feels smooth, it’s light and it’s easier to manage. I can now quickly flat-iron my hair, with less heat. I think this is a great and very affordable in-home keratin treatment! You can find it at your local drugstore (Walgreens), which makes things even better”