“Though the process was tedious, for me it was well worth it! Not only is my hair easier to manage, but it is soft and smooth…” – minaslater.com

“Hair, we love it but don’t love maintaining it! Sometimes it’s frizzy, unruly and flat out rebellious. We blow dry, flat iron and try tons of products daily. nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch is supposed to make it all better…30 Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System to the rescue! This keratin hair smoothing kit is suitable for all hair types and is even safe on relaxed hair. If you have coarse hair this is meant to reduce frizz and curly hair it will be smoother, straight hair will be shinier. My hair is long, wavy and thick.”

“Not only is my hair easier to manage, but it’s soft and smooth even before flat ironing thanks to the keratin. I was worried about preserving my natural curl pattern. I wanted it frizz free and easy to straighten when I want, but not be permanent…like a relaxer. Gladly this did not straighten my hair, it did exactly what I wanted and leaves me the option to go natural or straight. I can go natural using one styling product instead of three. I can straighten quickly on lower heat settings, then go outside in the Florida heat and not turn into a ginormous poof ball. I also notice far less breakage, barely any! Hair naturally falls out at the root but I’m talking about breakage at the ends from dry, damaged hair. The kind of breakage I get when I blow dry and flat iron a lot…the kind that when you finish styling, it looks like a doggie shed hair on the floor! I feel it’s a combination of the treatment strengthening my hair and the fact of not having to use as much heat as before thanks to nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch! I really love the result and how much easier it is to get my hair to look and feel how I want.”


nuNAAT Ultra Keratin Touch: The Process

“So, I now understand why salon hair stylists charge a pretty penny for Brazilian keratin treatments. This process is tedious! But this is one of those no pain, no gain moments. It took me about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to complete but I’ve found a way of looking at it very level headed: It typically takes me that long to blow dry, flat iron and style my hair…every few days! Anywho, I’m going to break it down step by step:…”